Choose a domain name

A domain name is the ‘address’ of your website.It’s what people put into their browser to find your website. It’s everything that comes after ‘http://’.For example, the domain name of this website is Without a domain name, no-one will ever find your website.Find here a free domain or a paid domain

How To Build a Website Step 2

You need a Website Hosting

What is website hosting?If your domain name is like your street address, website hosting is the blog of land on that street address. It’s  what you use to store all the articles, photo’s, and videos on your website.Without website hosting you won’t be able to add great articles, beautiful pictures, or interesting videos to your site. All you’ll have is a great domain name and a blank page.
find here a Free Hosting or a paid Hosting .

Why free hosts or free domains are bad for you website

You are not the owner of the free website the hosting provider can insert ads or delete your website everytime.The website is very very slow or is often down.Search engine Google Yahoo Bing... hate free hosting or free domain ( also no trafic from search engines.Free hostings have small space which means small website.Poor or no help and support.

How To Build a Website Step 3

Now you’ve got your domain name and website hosting, it’s time to start adding articles, videos, and pictures.For that, you’re going to install Joomla or WordPress.WordPress and Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS). That’s a fancy was of saying it’s a program that lets you manage your articles, videos, and pictures, without knowing how to program a website.This allows you to build your first website without spend thousands of hours memorising Java, HTML, or CSS so you can devote that time to making an incredible website.

Build Traffic to Your Website

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important than ever for getting your website noticed. You can take the chance that a crawler will stumble on your site, but why not improve your odds by submitting your site directly to search engines? Manually submitting your site to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing offers a few advantages it ensures that the search engines will crawl your site, and can help your site get into an index faster. Think of it as moving your site to the front of the search line.

About Facebook

More than 1.2 billion people are on Facebook, which offers a variety of ways to send a good number of the right individuals to your web site. Set Up Your Facebook Pages to Drive Website Visits.Create a page for a business, product, idea or shared passion. Anyone on Facebook can click the Like button on your page.Add a Facebook Like Button to Your website Site.Publish Your Website to Your Facebook Page.

Make Money With your Website

Google AdSense is the current leader in content-sensitive web-based marketing. Webmasters can place Google AdSense JavaScript code on their web pages in order to allow Google's servers to show context sensitive advertisements (Google Adwords).SIGN UP HERE Once you have 20-30 pages on your site.

Website online analyse

Find comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) tools for your site improving the quality and rankings. It provide easy to understand recommendations so that your site will load faster, rank higher for your search terms, and get more visitors.

PageRank checker

The Google PageRank runs from 0, the worst, to 10 the best. You'll note that the target below only has 0 - 7, and that's because 8, 9 and 10 are almost impossible to obtain.Google Pagerank fraud is achieved when offending websites use redirects that point their websites to sites with a high Google Pagerank.Google PageRank checker determines if the PageRank is valid and also the quality of the pagerank based on the backlinks structure.

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